#NotRoutine: Alyssa Mastromonaco COO of Vice

AlyssaMastromonacoInterested in a career that’s taken quite an epic turn? Meet Alyssa Mastromonaco who got her started in politics and ended up at hip publishing and entertainment conglomerate Vice as their COO.

A New Yorker who once interned for Bernie Sanders she went on to work for heavy hitters like John Kerry and Congressman Rick Boucher. But it was in 2005 when she began working with then Senator Obama’s team as Director of Scheduling. Someone has a knack for timing right? She stayed on when Obama won the election as Director of Advance and Scheduling and in 2008 became the frigging Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. Damn right? We kind of love that she was on New Republic’s list of ” Washington’s most powerful, least famous people.” Because who doesn’t want to be the hand behind the throne right?

Not one to rest on her laurels she resigned from the Obama administration and took a gig running the whole kit and kaboodle (we are unclear if that is an actual phrase but we are sticking with it) at the famed or perhaps even infamous Vice Media. That’s right a political wheeler and dealer turned into hipster media honcho. We LOVE  Alyssa. Here is a peek into her day in our ongoing series #NotRoutine. 

Hardest part of your day? Trying to fall asleep
Best part of your day?  Coming home and taking my bra off!
The one item you without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging) – Grapefruit juice! for some reason it really gives me a kick of energy also, advil.
What is the most consistent part of your daily routine? Get up, clean kittie’s litter boxes, feed kitties, make coffee, wipe the sleep crud out of my eyes, watch local news
What is the least consistent part of your daily routine? What I eat!

Morning Person- (X) MORNING
Evening Person
I do my makeup with a couple products first thing in the morning
I touch up as needed throughout the day
I swipe right…I mean just a little lipstick & mascara (X) Just some blush and lipstick occasionally!
Makeup is for special occasions
I’m all about that spin class life
Live to run, run to live right?
Namaste, my yoga practice centers me (X) Actually, pilates 3-4 days a week. My core is strong
I’m More into Couch Surfing
I’ve got Seamless/Cavier/Instacart As My Most Used App (x) (and postmates!)
I’m Hitting Up The Whole Foods Prepared Foods Section
Naturally  I Cook Something Simple & Wholesome Every Night
I’m Trying Out This New Place I Read About On Some Food Blog
Everything In My Life Is Prepackaged
I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe I rotate
Remember that girl who has one outfit? Yeah, I’m into that
Whatever is clean (X) I actually dress for my day. If I am jammed with meetings back to back I go with my hemp pants, tee, scarf, jean jacket and birks!
I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays

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