You Really Like Us: Sara McAllister Likes That We Are Gluten Free & Don’t Weigh Her Down

Sara who blogs at Freckles and Ivory is living with celiac disease. One thing you might not know about Stowaway is that we are entirely gluten-free. For you non celiacs you might not realize that many cosmetics make use of gluten in their ingredients (for instance Vitamin E is sometimes derived from wheat germ and many other products use hydrolyzed wheat gluten triticum vulgare (wheat) gluten. or flours like vena sativa aka oat) as fillers or stabilizers. We made a promise to our friend Jennifer that we would remain gluten free. Not all celiacs have an issue with gluten in cosmetics but some experience rashes so we thought better safe than sorry right? So we are safe for the Saras of the world. And so far she likes what she is using!

“I have loved being able to carry all my necessities in one little, portable bag! This is the first time in my life I have worn make-up consistently because I always hated how heavy it felt. Stowaway is light and natural, making me feel beautiful, fresh, and, most importantly, still like myself.” – Sara McAllisterPurseFriendlyMakeup

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