#EssentialEyes: How To Create An Eye Look With A Hint of Shimmer For Lighter Skin Tones

Who doesn’t love a light easy eye with just a hint of shimmer? In this installment of #EssentialEyes we show you a mostly matte eye look that super easy for summer and a great fit for lighter skin tones.  In our guide to “reading” an eye palette we talked how basic application is a 3 step process: a base layer, a highlighter & a contour shade. Depending on mood, preference and skin tone you can mix and match shimmer and matte shades to get a look you love.


Leah here has a light (but not fair) complexion so can make great use the entirety of our  our palette . For a base layer on her lid we suggest a little bit light and matte with M1 and then going further into the palette with M3 as a great shade for her crease as a way to deepen and contour. Our favorite part of this look is using our lightest shimmer shade to highlight up to her brow bone with M1.

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