#EssentialEyes: How To Create A Matte Smokey Eye for Deeper Skin Tones

Who doesn’t love a smokey eye? In this installment of #EssentialEyes we show you a matte eye look that is absolutely gorgeous on deeper skin tones.  In our guide to “reading” an eye palette we talked how basic application is a 3 step process: a base layer, a highlighter & a contour shade. Depending on mood, preference and skin tone you can mix and match shimmer and matte shades to get a look you love. Erica here has a deeper complexion so can make great use of the third matte tone in our palette as a base layer. To play it up for an smokey eye look we add M4 the darkest matte shade we have in her crease and then highlight up to her brow bone with M2 as a highlighter. Fun fact M2 on fair to light girl girl (think snow white) would be a contouring matte shade. Crazy right? That’s why we say it is all about learning to “read” a palette and come up with recipes right for you.  Go grab yours now!


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