#SummerLips: Champagne Lipstick and Honey Tinted Lip Gloss

In our summer lips series we are showing you how we use mix and match layering with our Lip and Cheek Rouges, Tinted Lip Glosses and Cremé Lipsticks to create colorful looks that take no time at all. Yesterday we showed you a gorgeous pink look with a Peony Pot Rouge and our Petal Tinted Lip Gloss. Today we are showing you the perfect muted lip for hot nights out on the town when you want bold eyes to do all the talking.  Our Champagne Lipstick can be tricky to wear. For some fair and light women it is the ideal neutral tone for their lips but for others it achieves a muted out- look. But that can be exactly what you want when you are playing up your eyes for a night on the town or a hot date. Layering our Honey Tinted Lip Gloss on top of our Champagne Lipstick adds a hint of shine to get just the right amount of attention on your lips but still keeps everyone’s eyes locked on yours.



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