Summer Lips: Rosewood Tinted Lip Gloss and Burnt Rose Pot Rouge

This whole week we are going to show you how we use mix and match layering with our Lip and Cheek Rouges, Tinted Lip Glosses and Cremé Lipsticks to create colorful looks that take no time at all. Today is the perfect day to start as we love rosey hues at Stowaway so to kick off the start of our #SummerLips series and celebrate National Red Rose Day with the perfect combination for anyone who wants to see the world with a little more romance (and roses) in it.

We love our Lip and Cheek Pot Rouges for their versatility. They provide a flush for your cheeks but apply like a natural stain on cheeks as it melts at body temperature sinking into your lips for an easy matte finish. But what if you want some shine on that color for the summer months? Enter our Rosewood Tinted Lip Gloss. It is the perfect top layer for a glossy (but never tacky) finish to layer on top of a wash of our Burnt Rose Lip and Cheek Rouge.


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