#EssentialEyes: Shimmer All Day For Fair Tones

Shimmer sounds scary right? Julie was particularly hesitant when testing out the top half of our Essential Eye Palette. “I don’t want to look like I’m glittering, I’m in my 30s!” But everyone loves to shine so it didn’t surprise anyone when Julie fell in love with this all shimmer shades day look.

Remember how we said in how to “read” an eye palette you can mix and match shades to make a host of looks that are all very unique with a set of simple basics shades. Well this a recipe for how to put together is a shimmer variation with no matte shades on a very fair girl. Julie’s shimmery day look uses S2 as her base, S1 as her highlighter and S3 as a light contouring shade in her crease. That’s right S3 which on a much darker girl might be a highlighter is Julie’s contouring shade. Neat right? Go grab yours and start experiment with your own looks. 


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