You Really Like Us: Christianna C Loves That We Are Gluten Free

Our co-founder Julie knows just how hard it is to find makeup that will work well with her extremely sensitive skin. Just about anything will set off her eczema and don’t even get her started on styes (that she thankfully rarely gets anymore thanks to regularly changing her mascara.) So we love when we find customers like Christianna that loves not only our philosophy but our ingredients.

You see Christianna is a celiac which means her body is intolerant of gluten (and no we don’t mean sensitive like some folks , she genuinely has an autoimmune condition) so the fact that our line up is completely gluten free is a huge plus. We didn’t realize it when we started Stowaway but most cosmetics have some form gluten in them. But in our quest to make the safest possible products we knew we could make formulations we loved that would fit even the most sensitive. And Christianna concurs!

“I absolutely love Stowaway. I have incredibly sensitive skin and Celic, so I react to cosmetics very easily. I haven’t had an allergic reaction to Stowaway’s products though! Not only that, but given how little I wear makeup, the sizes are perfect because I don’t waste what I usually would with other products.” – Christianna C


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