#MakeupHacks: 3 Simple Tips For Wearing A Nude Lip

Do you have a nude lipstick that you keep with you (like say our champagne), but tend to avoid wearing it because you feel like it washes you out?  Here’s a few tips on wearing a beige-y nude lipstick that works on almost any skin tone!  

  1. Layer another color UNDER  it. We love the combination of our cantaloupe pot rouge under our champagne lipstick. 
  2. Layer another color OVER it Try applying your favorite lip gloss either all over the lips, or just on the center of your lips.  You can try the new Stowaway Tinted Lip Gloss to give your nude lip some shine!
  3. Wear it with played up eyes. A nude lip let’s you place the focus somewhere else.  So try a smokey eye or dramatic wing to pair with your new favorite nude lipstick.


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