#MakeupHacks: How to “Read” An Eye Palette

It turns out that an eye palette is actually pretty simple to use if you know how to “read” it. Think of getting to know how to use an eye palette as a bit like learning how to cook. You can mix and match ingredients to make a host of dishes that are all very unique with a set of simple basics  (like say a roast chicken or an elegant pasta dish) as long as you know the right few mix and match variations. An eye palette is just like that.

There are four things to look for in a palette. On the one hand you are looking at matte shades (our bottom row) and shimmer shades (our top row) and whether these shades highlight or contouring your eyes depending on complexion and desired intensity. To make ours universal we’ve included options for all of them. A basic application is a 3 step process: a base layer, a highlighter & a contour shade.Plus matte shades double as brow fillers & even eye liner!  Yours can be a mix of shimmer & matte finishes for maximum versatility in the size of a credit card. 


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