How To Avoid The Dread “Hair Caught On Lip Gloss” Look

HowToKeepLipGlossFromCatchingYourHairInTheWindLove the gorgeous sheen a lip gloss gives you but hate when your hair gets stuck to your lips every time the wind blows in your direction?  

We’ve got a weird tick here (we were sorely tempted to put that in the title but went against our better click bait natures). Try applying your favorite lip gloss just on the center of your lips!  

As you purse your lips together and go about your day the gloss will spread out naturally for minimal tackiness, but still give you color and  shine!

Sure the idea feels a little Kabuki doll (apply in a heart shape etc) but a full lip of maximum gloss, no matter the formulation (and ours isn’t tacky at all), is always going to be in danger of wind whipped hair sticking. 

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