You Really Like Us: Victoria Thompson Likes Less Waste

Victoria is an artist,  fundraiser and avid yogi in DC. She  has two dogs and a husband who is a lawyer and is starting a small business offering private whiskey tasting events. Cool woman right? We are always in awe of the women that buy Stowaway as they are doing smart cool things. Victoria says that she is a little bit of a tom boy and she had never really figured out what to do with make up. Sound familiar? Well, looks like we we did our job as Stowaway made it easy and not intimidating for her to wear makeup when she wants (oh yeah making it easier for women to feel #beautifulanywhere. Since she got her first kit she has been wearing it everyday. This means that she won’t need to throw away wasted product.  Plus she can throw it in her pocket or bag and take it with her without feeling like she’s lugging her whole bathroom around. 


“ I love the small size. I am a casual makeup user and NEVER finish anything so it hangs out forever until it’s gross OR I end up throwing it away and I feel terrible. Also, I like how sleek the package is – easy to put in your pocket. The makeup is smooth and blends/goes on easily. You should come out with a face powder next. :)” — Victoria Thompson

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