5 Easy Tips For Getting Your Makeup Bag On Trend & Ready For Summer 2016

Memorial Day is just around the corner. We know right? CHAOS REIGNS! But that means doing an audit of your own bag and what has been idling around at the bottom since December (we are imagining sparkles and ill advised colored eyeliners). Here are five simple ways you can get your makeup bag ready for long night, beach days and road trips. PackingASummerMakeupBagTrend2016

Toss Your Eye Products: We feel like your mom every single time we say it but they expire after three months. We know you probably spent $40 on some of your mascaras but just bite the bullet OK. We know it’s painful but ours are $12, just as good (according to that award we won against Dior Show), and will run out when the expiration date is near so you know it’s time to replenish.

Re-Assess Your Complexion Color: Have you got a little sun since the spring started? If you started out fair and have been out and about you might be ready to go a little darker. No one knows the frustration of buying a $60 foundation only to get halfway through the bottle by the time summer rolls around and it is no longer your shade (not to mention by the time it IS your shade again it is has gone off). Not sure about your complexion? Just email our cosmetics concierge service. 

Consider Seasonal Color Products: We used to feel guilty buying fun seasonal colors like Cantaloupe Lip and Cheek Rouge or Raspberry Lipstick. We knew we would never finish them before the season is out. Well, look who solved THAT problem. Go wild and still be ready for those gorgeous fall colors by the end of September.

Consider A Complete Re-Do Including Your Makeup Bag: It might just be time to admit that your makeup bag has seen better days and toss the lot of it including the bag. You can score one of our soft cloth bags for just $5 with a kit. 

Cover Up: Sometimes it is unavoidable to get a little sun but if you are really committed to staying the same color all year round grab a hat and go. We love Soleescapes as they have so many fun styles.  Keep the SPF high, the hat on and keep the same BB and Concealer. Just make sure they aren’t beyond their expiration date (about a year).


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