You Really Like Us: Caroline McMahon Is On The Road

Caroline McMahon is on the road; a lot! So she knows a thing or two about how to pack. She is currently touring with her husband, the lead guitarist John Shannon of the SHIFT. Before Stowaway she  used to have a lot more to carry and right-sizing might have led to a love affair with Stowaway!

“I am so happy with my recent purchase. I travel with my husbands band regularly and my own work. I am on the road or on an airplane often. I have been doing this a long time and learned to keep my luggage to a bare minimum, which I prefer but this is my first experience with right size cosmetics! I love the size and the quality of the makeup! I read about your product and company in a Shermans Travel article. And while I am new to the product (this is my first week using on the road) and honestly often in the past I have skipped many days of putting on makeup on the road but I find myself wanting to put this makeup on everyday. It just feels good!  I placed another order for the 4 lipstick set already!” – Caroline McMahonLipsticksandFlowers

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