#MakeupHack: How Wearing Two Shades of Blush Can Make Your Face Pop

Want to brighten your face? Chelsa’s signature aggressively natural signature look is all about adding color that pops to your cheeks. One technique that works well and is easy to execute is to use two shades of blush. Take a more natural color that works for you. So for for light to tan woman give Burnt Rose a whirl while fairer women should use a shade like Peony as the first layer. The goal is to pick your first shade as if it were the most natural shade (which naturally can fade more easily).  Then use a layering technique that’s as basic as it gets where you simply apply another color on top of the original to “pop” it up a bit more. We love Cantaloupe on top of both Burnt Rose and Peony  to achieve the pop. Just don’t use a bronzer on top of your blush please, it will only make things look muddy!


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