Why #BeautifulAnywhere Means Even More On Mother’s Day

JulieFredricksonandHerMomMother’s Day is a special one for us at Stowaway. Our mission is to make it easier for women to feel beautiful. Which can be a challenge when you are juggling a lot. No one has more on their plate or juggles more than moms, so today we ask mother’s cherish it. Let’s take 15 minutes, an hour, or even the whole day, to remind ourselves that it is OK for us to want to look & feel great on our way. No matter where life takes us, from kid’s room to boardroom.

Our co-founder Julie’s mother always reminds her that sometimes a new lease on life is just a lipstick change away. From being an 80s corporate wife with big shoulder pads & even bigger hair (check out that amazing brick red lipstick she is rocking to the left) to the intellectual mom that taught Julie about illuminated manuscripts & Parzival, she has always been Julie’s daily hero who reminds her that the process of becoming yourself requires all of the willpower we can muster (and that sometimes just requires a little coating of lipstick to make easier).  Because make no mistake, the world is a tough place and women, particularly mothers, have a lot of forces pushing against us. But the tools that make us feel most like ourselves are what help us make it.  Julie’s mother learned it from her mother and Nanamai’s deep love of Revlon’s classic lipstick Cherries in the Snow.  And she passed the life changing power of lipstick on to Julie. Because life can be tough. But women are tougher. Because  when we are armed with the right tools we have strength to hold on to ourselves. So here is to Moms, their favorite lipsticks and the love they shared with us to be #BeautifulAnywhere. And if you are curious Julie’s mother’s favorite shade is now Muted Plum. 

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