How Playing Nice With Others Helps Stowaway Find Great Customers

Our co-founder & CEO Julie Fredrickson was in USA Today talking about how we’ve grown the Stowaway brand. Julie is pretty excited as one of the other people in the article is Sir Richard Branson (she’s a dork but all her idols are business leaders what can we say?).  One of her biggest tips? Be a good partner to meet not only great brands but great customers!

To find customers, the New York-based firm partners with other small businesses that serve similar customers. For example, a frequent traveler would likely appreciate miniature-sized makeup so Stowaway might tell its customers about a travel company in return for the travel company introducing its customers to Stowaway. “Being friendly and partnering well with others is an amazing way to reach new audiences. You’re also showing that you offer more value than just the product you sell,” Fredrickson says.

Starting your own business? Go check out the 7 great tips for attracting customers and growing your business.  “I’m not Kevin Costner, this is not Field of Dreams,” says CEO Fredrickson, referring to the 1989 movie in which Costner’s character lives by the motto, “If you build it, they will come.” In the real world, Fredrickson says, “we need to go where people are.” Figuring out how to attract and keep customers is vital if a business is going to be successful and grow. And not just one strategy will get you there. 


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