#FridayReads: Basic Black

basic-black-by-cathie-blackWe love a good “go get’em girl” book around the Stowaway offices and biographies of powerful women are a particular favorite. That’s one reason we love Basic Black from Cathie Black.  As the previous Chairman of Hearst Magazines (we are just going to ignore her 93 day stint in education if that’s cool since well everyone has one or two career blips) had one heck of a career in publishing and advertising. Like seriously one of the greats. Plus is one of the few women to have held major board of director seats at companies like IBM, Coca Cola and Gannet Corporation. Impressive right? So go read her super witty and fun take on making your career happen.

Every woman dreams of having a wise, funny mentor who understands the challenges she faces. Now, Cathie Black—one of Forbes’s “100 Most Powerful Women” and Fortune’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business”—offers invaluable lessons that will help you land the job, promotion, or project you’re vying for. You’ll find out how to handle interviews, which rules to break, and why you should make your life a grudge-free zone. Filled with surprisingly candid, personal stories and advice, this is the only career guide you’ll ever need.

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