How To Hide Dark Undereye Circles Without Crazy Color Correcting

GoDarkerConcealerForDarkUnderEyesEver seen the Pinterest makeup hack posts where they smear red lipstick under your eyes to conceal dark undereye circles?  LOL right? All part of the weird trend of color correcting in which somehow we all collectively agreed to allow another step and another product into our makeup routines. We say boo to that because we’ve got to get out the door (we might already be late for work)

 A quick and easy way to conceal dark undereye circles is to bump up (aka go darker) on your concealer shade!  So if you are fair go with light, if light then go medium.  We know it sounds counterintuitive, but it works!  The darker shade helps with counteracting the discoloration without drawing on your face with a lipstick.  Just remember to blend out the edges of your concealer with your BB cream/foundation. That’s technically still correct correcting but without the additional $50 palette and figuring out all the red, green, whatever color shit they want us to learn. 

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