Dot First (Don’t Swipe) Then Buff When Using A Brush To Apply BB Cream

The first rule of makeup application club is…wait no sorry wrong club. Is talk about all your tips! A Kakubi Brush is an ideal tool for applying light to medium coverage of foundation of BB Cream. The most effective technique is us your fingers to dot the makeup on your face first (still use the same amount, just a dime to start) and then buff it lightly in with the brush.


Its large, fluffy, and rounded top (ours has angles to make it even more versatile makes it ideal for applying product evenly to large areas of the face so if you don’t like using your fingers to blend (half out time prefers this method as it is a real time saver) this will get you a gorgeous finish in no time at all no matter where you are (two inches tall, half size tube of BB cream equal getting gorgeous in a bathroom stall after work because yes you are taking that Tuesday night date!).



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