Quick #MakeupHacks For Surviving A Bad Skin Day

Ahhh the dreaded bad skin day. It happens to everyone. Puffy eyes, sallow skin, breakouts all over the place. We’ve been there. Julie is prone to breakouts on the right side of her chin (it’s just more comfortable to sleep on the side sometimes right?), Chelsa has had a few pregnancy pimple flare ups, and let’s be real puffy dark eyes are a perennial issue for startup founders. Don’t stress. We’ve got easy tips to help. 


  1. Moisturize. Chances are half the problem is dehydration. Yes even the breakouts might be caused by dehydration because your sebaceous glands can go into overdrive and produce even more gunk. 
  2. Skip the full makeup application. Covering it up can draw attention to it in the worst cases.  Just use a bit of concealer, a dime sized application of of BB cream all over and a pink blush (trust us pink always works in the case of sallow skin)
  3. Go easy on the eye makeup if you wear it at at all.The worst days just let those puppies rest. 
  4. Have glasses? Wear them. It gives them something else to look at and people don’t notice the lack of eye makeup. 
  5. Want to draw attention to something else? Bold lip. The biggest boldest possible lip. Might we suggest cranberry or scarlet lipstick?

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