Balancing a Career, a Family & Still Wearing a Little Lipstick ? Our Co-Founder Chelsa Crowley Can Relate

DennisCrowleyChelsaCrowleyPregnancyStowawayA lot of ink has been spilled (keyboards pounded?) over “having it all” especially when it comes to to the delicate work life balance of parenting. Our co-founder Chelsa is about to welcome her first child to the world and shared her perspective on how the emotions, expectations and joys of being an entrepreneur overlap with having her first (well, she says in a way it’s her second child) and how she is going to navigate it all (while feeling and looking her best). Because we all know that there is no one right way to parent or a management style that is ideal for every company but sometimes it helpful to remind ourselves of the relatable shared struggles.

“I’ve been trying my best to prepare for what I hear from everyone is the biggest change of my life. That said, you can only prepare so much. And so far, my anxieties have mainly been around work. As the cofounder and chief creative officer of Stowaway Cosmetics, the company is, in a sense, my first child, and I’ve been spending all my time the last few years focused on ‘her’. So many people I’ve talked with have commented on how great it is that I own my own business because I can make up my own maternity policy or do things on my own timeframe. But to the contrary, I’m worried about my time away and am cognizant about how it could affect our very small six-person team. I plan to check my email and work from home when I can (please, don’t judge, but I know I’ll have to do something during those 3 a.m. feedings!), but I think this is one of those unknowns and I’ll navigate those waters once the baby arrives.” Read the rest of the article on The Bump!

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