#TravelTuesday: Sun Valley Idaho

Idaho has a lot going for it, in that well ,what kind of woman doesn’t love potatoes? Or at least “splitting an order of fries” which is code for I’d like to order these but feel a little weird about it so please let us band together as sister to enjoy these fried delights without guilt or remorse! But we digress! Our #TravelTuesday spot for today is Sun Valley Idaho and we mean it seriously as a spot to visit. Why you ask? Well if you live for the outdoors and love secluded ski experiences look no further. Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain offer some of the best skiing in the best for all levels (even the expert ski racer) and to accompany that kind of resort living as one would imagine Sun Valley also has a bustling arts scene full of galleries, concerts, and theatres (which is really just code for for fancy Après-ski) so be sure to get into the whiskey scene before a visit. Of course it is a little late in the season for that. So why are we bringing up a ski town in May? Well the lifestyles of the rich and famous of course! 


The real reason we think Sun Valley is fascinating is its history with the glitterati and the hyper rich. You may think Vail and Aspen are the resort towns to note, but Sun Valley is actually the first “great” American ski resort and a proper movie town in its own right where the likes of Marilyn Monroe came out to work and play. It’s entire history is littered with the wheelings and dealings of American dreamers and schemers (for a brief moment in time there was worry about the “Ketchum con” before the resort took off). But took off it did.  Ernest Hemingway get much of the credit with making the destination popular (he is buried there in the town of Ketchum), and it has served as a seasonal home to many of the rich and famous since he brought the value of this destination to light in the 1930’s. Celebrity sightings are part of it’s charm or perhaps to its residences a minor annoyance. But who can really blame them? And the theme of the rich, powerful and perhaps scheming continues as  for a week in August it is the nexus of all power and wealth in the world thanks to the famed Allen and Company retreat that is perhaps somewhat glibly called billionaire summer camp. But if seeing the movers and shakers of the world in cargo shorts is your jam you should consider booking a trip soon!



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