#NotRoutine: Alexis Hyde Director at The Museum of Broken Relationships

AlexisHydeIf art is about expressing your innermost fears and loves then nothing has ever made more sense to us than space dedicated to the end of relationships. Alexis Hyde is the director of just such place of truth and honesty in Los Angeles California as the Director and curator at The Museum of Broken Relationships. Hyde and the other organizers of the museum “place great value on the emotional resonance of the items, which are meant to form a deceptively simple art project and a repository of human heartbreak” according to the LA Times.

So what does one’s routine look like as a woman carrying the weight of other people’s love look like? For this #NotRoutine, well as Ms Hyde puts it “This is making me sound a bit boring, but I’m just busy opening a new museum. Uniforms and prepackaged means a few less decisions right now and I’m embracing it!” Photo credit to the amazing Laura Taylor. 

1. Hardest part of your day? Getting out of my absurdly comfortable bed.

2. Best part of your day? When the mail comes and I get to see what new objects have arrived!

3. The one item you without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging). Iced coffee in the morning, iced decaf in the evening.

4. What is the most consistent part of your daily routine? Is saying brushing my teeth too boring? It’s a tie between mascara and not having to do anything to my hair b/c it just does it’s own thing and I have embraced it.

5. What is the least consistent part of your daily routine? Tie between eye shadow choices and what my hair is going to do any given day.




Morning Person

Evening Person (x)



I do my makeup with a couple products first thing in the morning (x)

I touch up as needed throughout the day

I swipe right…I mean just a little lipstick & mascara

Makeup is for special occasions



I’m all about that spin class life

Live to run, run to live right?

Namaste, my yoga practice centers me


I’m More into Couch Surfing (X)



I’ve got Seamless/Cavier/Instacart As My Most Used App

I’m Hitting Up The Whole Foods Prepared Foods Section

Naturally  I Cook Something Simple & Wholesome Every Night

I’m Trying Out This New Place I Read About On Some Food Blog

Everything In My Life Is Prepackaged (x)



I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe I rotate

Remember that girl who has one outfit? Yeah, I’m into that (x)

Whatever is clean

I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays


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