Unburden Your Gym Bag: What’s In Julie & Chelsa’s Gym Bag

Everyone loves a “what’s in my bag” story but why aren’t there more “what’s in your gym bag stories?”  So here is what Julie and Chelsa carry. Strangely neither one of them carry honest to goodness gym bags. Because really it is almost impossible to find one that is chic. Chelsa carries a Baggu Duck Bag while Julie has been known to stuff her gear into a travel cube and her sneakers in a travel shoe bag and plop it at the bottom of her Mansur Gavriel tote. 


What’s In Julie’s Gym Bag: Some women very into the gym wear as designer duds trend but somehow Julie has managed the exact opposite of that. Given that she has 10 pairs of the exact same black tee-shirt this surprises no one.She has a pair of pants from Target that are now 10 years old that have survived years of workouts. Seriously.  That said, she does own one pair of Spanx cropped workout pants (yes seriously) that are minor miracles. She is also OBSESSED with Bombas socks (after discovering them on Shark Tank) because comfy as hell, wics away sweat and they have a cool social mission (get a pair, give a pair). Beyond that she has her Stowaway Essentials Kit (even though she mostly just evens out her complexion and rolls out) and a small roller hair brush like the Dry Bar Hair Pint (sometimes a girl has to blow out at the gym), and that’s about it. Oh and of course a snack because have you met that girl? She likes a protein rich snack as she is primarily focused on lifting (squat big or go home is her motto) so she loves NOLA bars since no refined sugars!

What’s In Chelsa’s Gym Bag: Chelsa is loves a good cardio workout (she loves to spin at Flywheel and go for long runs) so her gear is meant for a good sweatHer entire kit is a little more fashionable than Julie’s From her Nike Flynits to Nike Epic Lux Running Pants (plus a rotation of Nike Sports Bras and Tops) so she always looks pulled together. From there she carries her Stowaway Essentials Kit, a Bkr Bottle, and Invisibobble hair ties.

The one item they both agree on as a gym bag essential (well ok arm essential) is their Withings Activité Watch. It tracks everything and looks chic. Because this far into the wearables trends a woman wants an actual watch that looks like a proper accessory and not a strip of plastic amirite?

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