Unburden Your Gym Bag: Focus on Trends Line Not One Number On A Scale With Withings

One of the things that makes life harder for women? The occasional societal pressure to step on a scale and make a judgement about it. But what if you really are working to get healthier by increasing your lean mass or working to loss fat mass. Losing “weight” isn’t actually something you should focus on it turns out because you can be “skinny fat” which is actually quite unhealthy as it turns out.  But it is human nature to focus on individual data points (aka that one weigh in you had this morning).


So how do you avoid it? Focus on trend lines of every single weigh in. What the heck is a trend line? Go back to algebra and remember that it is the aggregate (as in sum of all the different weigh ins) rather than any individual one.

Because let’s be real you could have your period and be up a couple pounds and have that be a totally meaningless gain because of the water mass. Or you could go out dancing and have a few drinks, wake up dehydrated and weigh in a few pounds lighter. Bodies are weird right?

OK so how DO you focus on a trend line that helps you get towards your long term goals rather than fixating on short term gains or losses.  Try a scale like Withings. Just step on it everyday (close your eyes like Julie does if it makes you feel better) and it will collect that data, beam it via wifi to the app and then a month later viola you can see how you are actually doing on your goals versus fixating on one good or bad weigh in. Magic right? Who knew data could be SUCH a relief?


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