Unburden Your Gym Bag: 10 Easy Ways To Clean Up FAST After A Workout

Getting to the gym is hard enough, trying to figure out how to fit it in between obligations can feel impossible.  Cramming in a spin class or a weight lifting session into your lunch hour or before going out to see girlfriends can feel like a serious logistical nightmare, but with a little planning and the right tools we promise anyone can fit in time for health.


  1. Carry a Gym Bag That Doesn’t Look Like A Gym Bag: No one likes lugging around double bags and a cute bag that has your stuff for your workout and can go out after is a lifesaver. Might we suggest the miracles that are Baggu? light, easy, cute as heck. We love the Duck Bag.
  2. Shower Caps: The fast route to a rinse off is pop in, pop out, keep the hair dry. We know it is a little grandma with curlers but it really cuts down on time to keep your “do” dry. Go hilarious if you must with this Queen Cap. Seriously.
  3. Wipe Down:  Alright so not showering because let’s be real sometimes you don’t have time for a shower (or maybe you don’t really need a full on scrub a dub if you lifted weights but didn’t drench yourself in a spin class). Find cleansing wipes with a nice scent like Yes to Cucumbers soothing makeup wipes and run it down your grungier bits. And then top it off with an easy to carry natural deodorant like Crystal. 
  4. Dry Shampoo: Yes we all know it is a miracle! Get a two pack of travel size dry shampoo. Bonus points if it has a nice scent like these Herbal Essence Grapefruit ones.
  5. Master An Updo: We live for Invisibobble at Stowaway because it is just so versatile for creating everything from ponytails to elaborate topknots or yes even fast braids.
  6. Go Makeup Minimalist: This is where we come in at Stowaway! A easy to apply BB cream that only takes a few swipes, a covers ANYTHING concealer and if you are feeling fancy a swipe of mascara and dab of pot rouge on lip and cheek and you are DONE. We’ve seen our team pull this off in two minutes flat.
  7. Wear Easy-On, Easy Off Outfits: We love drapey pants that slip on and off and loose blouses that hint at what is underneath. These outfits tend to wrinkle less and it is easy to slip on and off in the rush in and out of the gym.   This is why Eileen Fisher exists let’s be real. Gauzy drape-y gorgeous pants that are comfortable and cocktail ready are kind of our jam,
  8. Consider A Body Spray: Skipping the shower? After a wipe down mist yourself with an oldie but goodie like Rose Peters Rosewater (you will recognize it when you see it). No need for overpriced trendy products here. Heck, you can even make your own.
  9. Chug Ice Water: Super red and flushed? Ice water will cool you down and help you lose that red in the face look. Splash some ice cold water on your face too and viola! Put some ice in a Bkr bottle and sip at will. 
  10. Just Join A Gym With Good Amenities: OK this tip might not be for everyone but a gym that has moisturizer, rasers, deodorant and good hair dryers can be a lifesaver. Crunch has Bliss Products while Equinox has Kiehl’s so it cuts down on packing

Thanks to Equinox for the awesome locker room photo. How zen does that look right?

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