You Really Like Us: Audrey Hotchkiss Likes Us Because We Are Easy To Use

We love creative women making it happen so we are honored when photographer Audrey Hotchkiss choose Stowaway for her makeup routine.

“The product is easy to use, simple, small and straightforward. Easy for people who want to put their best face forward but have not invested a lot of time in their life learning how to use make up. I only wish there were a few eye shadow options: all matte, in neutrals like beige, tan, brown and gray. I am supplementing with another brand I like but if Stowaway made it I would definitely use that instead!” 

I you are looking for inspiration we suggest you check out her beautiful nature and style photography .And don’t you worry Audrey! We have lots up our sleeves, and an eyes is definitely on our to do list if you know what we mean 😉


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