Unburden Your Diaper Bag: Avoiding The SUV Stroller Addiction With An Easy Addition

So you’ve got your guide to keeping your career & life in order as a parent, you’ve got an organized as heck diaper bag, so how on earth do you handle making your stroller easier without doing the obvious and overstuffing your diaper bag & plopping it into a giant stroller? Admit it, lately it has felt like an arms race to the biggest, baddest, most accessorized strollers on the planet. Since when did a stroller become the new parent version of buying a Hummer?

We’ve got an accessory we think solves this ALL. A diaper bag carries your essentials but the 7AM Hamper Bag is THE practical carryall for getting your carrying (grocery, errands, trips to friends & family) done without any hassle. It has enormous capacity so trips to the gym, family outings and the grocery store can be easy (and maybe even fun?!). It’s drawstring closure keeps the Hamper Bag secure and it is designed to attach perfectly to any stroller (even the hand me down affordable ones that you should absolutely not feel bad about using) thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps. So instead of overpaying for an SUV of a stroller get the 7AM Hamper Bag instead.  Not convinced? Check out weeSpring’s review. 


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