Unburden Your Diaper Bag: 5 Tips To A Stylish Organized Diaper Bag

When it comes to carrying around supplies for your little one, it’s easy to go overboard (which can lead to feeling overwhelmed). But the right bag and the right essentials are the key to staying organized.

  1. Buy A Bag You Love (With A LOT of Compartments and Pockets): We’ve become obsessed with TWELVELittle because even their smallest bags are packed with handy organizing. Our pick for everyday is the Carry Love Pewter Tote. The soft nylon material makes the bag crushable and yet durable to withstand daily parenting activities, not only making it the perfect diaper bag, but also a perfect everyday tote.
  2. Have A Systems For Those Pockets: Pretend you can’t see into your bag. That will prevent you from using any old pockets willy nilly just throw everything in at random. The bottomless diaper bag pit is NOT the way to go. Find a system, stick to it.  Don’t move diapers from one big pocket to another. Pick one, never deviate.
  3. Do NOT Overpack: We know this is the hardest one but trust us there are items you will never ever use. Ease yourself into this by lugging around a bunch of stuff and just like in a wardrobe clean up ask yourself what you didn’t use for an entire week. Don’t bother carrying those.
  4. Color Code: So we know we said have a system but we are going to reinforce it. Keep first-aid items in a red pouch (that’s easy to remember), blue for washes, lotions and potions, maybe green for diapers. You get the idea
  5. Have A Mom Pouch: Rather than trying to find your stuff in the bag keep it all in one. The Pouch Tote from TWELVELittles folds up nicely to hold wallet, keys, phone, makeup (some of us are carrying a Stowaway pot rouge and maybe a concealer for a quick touch up before play group, we get it, look  your best feel your best). You can keep it in your Tote but if you need space at the last minute (quick trip to the grocery store for snacks when a meltdown happens) and it unfolds.

 12 little carry all $150 set

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