How to Pick Your Lipstick Color: Peony

Trying to figure out the right shade of lipstick?  For many of us, from pale brunettes & sun kissed olive complected blondes, peony is a terrific everyday shade. It’s flexibility makes it look great on just about anyone. Yes everyone! Don’t buy into the urban beauty legend that brown skin and pale pink lips don’t mix. Peony really does look great on a host of skin tones. 


To be sure, it isn’t a the very bold pop of pink that is our Raspberry. Not to say we don’t love this eye catching shade which looks incredible on a woman from our fair dark brunette co-founder Julie to darker complexined beauties like Kerry Washington (without all the weird photoshopping). Raspberry is a more eye caching shade when you want a little more attention (without going Barbie Dream house). Peony on the other hand is a polished but pretty pink that is everyone’s friend. StowawayPeonyLipstickColoris a soft ballet pink. For when you want to give your lips a pretty, kissable color


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