Unburden Your Desk: A Painless Guide To Tidying Your Workspace In 5 Minutes

Chances are you are spending a lot of time in your workspace. Whether it is a nook of desk at home, a cubicle in a big office or your own corner office having a livable workspace makes you happier, more productive and yes can help you unburden from carrying the inevitable work stress. CleanWorkDeskWithMakeup

  1. Tidy Your Papers: Baby steps here, get some binder Ccips and letter tray and a desire to keep project files together. Or just dump it all into one pile and deal with it later. Seriously Psychology Today says clutter makes it harder to relax mentally and physically and makes us anxious. Let go of the anxiety and suddenly you might find you have the peace of mind to do a proper clean up after all.
  2. Collect Everything Into One Space: We’ve said it before but organization trays, holders, and stackers are the key to making a space feel less overwhelming even when you have a lot of items. Poppin has a host of options in fun colors to help you put it all together in less time.
  3. Add Some Color: Anything from personal photos, a cool mug to a small office plant can help make a space feel more pulled together in just a minute. We love this list from Domino
  4. Wipe It Down: No one likes to admit it but most of us let our work spaces get a little grungy. Eating at your desk means crumbs on your laptop and a full face of makeup can leave smears on your smart-phone. Just wipe it all down! We keep a bowl of Sprucies (so cute & colorful on hand) to remind us to wipe down our technology on the regular.
  5. Add Just One Or Two Accessories: We aren’t advocating for clutter but sometimes a few cool accessories can help you stay organized and add some personality. This guide from Brit + Co of colorful desk accessories includes everything from pencil cases to colorful task clips (think file, read, do, send)

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