Unburden Your Weekend Travel: 10 Strategic Tips To Make Packing Easier

A weekend getaway always feels like a great idea. But then you have to pack for it. You want to make sure you that you are prepared for all elements, scenarios, activities. But you don’t want to be weighted down or heaven forbid have to pay baggage fees for a weekend trip. Obviously we think a lot about this topic at Stowaway as our entire line-up is designed to make carrying your essentials easier and stress-free.


We’ve got a fool-proof (tested by co-founder Julie Fredickson as let’s be real anyone that knows her will tell you she is not great at logistical details) to ensure that you are always prepared (but not in the Outward Bound sense as that probably requires somewhat more survivalist skill sets).

It all comes down to strategic packing and multi-use clothing! Here is our 10 Step Cheat Sheet to help you get started the easy way on going wherever your journey takes you

  1. Make a Checklist of JUST the Necessities – Learn to become a minimalist! Think you need 4 shirts? Nah, try pairing it down to just two ( say a blouse and a tee-shirt). Want to bring two dresses? No just bring one that is basic and can be accessorized in multiple ways. We read blogs like Travel Fashion Girl  for her insight on combining your wardrobe with your travels but we also recommended reading sites on simple living like Reading My Tea Leaves .
  2. Separate the Laundry & Separate the Smells. – Not everything you pack is pristine (shoes have been worn before) and even over a three day trip laundry is bound to build up with underwear and socks. We recommend bringing a laundry bag and even go as far as keeping everything separated with the easy Flight 001 Go Clean Sets
  3. Fold! Don’t roll!– We know everyone is all about the rolling but trust us folding and keeping things organized is the way to go. Try the super easy Spacepak Bags system. 
  4. Digitalize– Yes beach reads and magazines are critical to bring along but they take up space and we know we are going to go through at least a couple different magazines on any weekend trip (what can we say we like The Economist and Marie Claire, don’t judge us) and probably at least a novel (Julie is obsessed with science fiction, we know she is a dork).  Get a Kindle Reader, use apps like Instapaper or Pocket to save things, download your favorite magazine apps.
  5. Choose Multi-Purpose Products: Like say our Pot Rouge for color on lip and cheeks or Spruce&Co Wipes that keep all kinds of surfaces (and hands) clean.
  6. Keep your travel documents together and organized: We use F1 Correspondent Document for tickets & vias and this Flight 001 Passport Holder
  7. Travelling somewhere cold? Don’t bring a bunch of heavy clothes. Just bring things that layer well.  We love this Kit and Ace Burbank Shawl for snuggling on the airplane and wrapping around our shoulders on cool nights.
  8. Bring travel-friendly gadgets. Just trust us if you are going abroad you need to own this 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter
  9. Say no to the mountain full of plastic bottles! Don’t buy expensive water bottles that just go to the landfill at the airport. Carry a bkr Bottle.
  10. Scrutinize what you pack. When all’s said and done what makes you comfortable is up to you. This is all you – really think about what you need and don’t need! Deep breath, trust yourself and live life a little easier.

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