Makeup Hack For Fixing Running Mascara

MascaraRunningQTipFixSometime mascara runs. Even the best of them. Annoying fact of life┬áthat can crop up from allergies (rubbing your eyes), some tears (who doesn’t cry at Pixar movies?) or a formulation that doesn’t work well with your other products (fibrous mascara & oily eye creams don’t mix guys).

So when your mascara starts to run (nothing is worse when you are on the run) use a bit of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer on a finger (or a Q-Tip or even toilet paper if you have it handy) and use it as an eraser. If you happen to have eye drops with you consider putting in a few drops first as it will sooth your eyes and also reduce the risk of leaving behind any fibers if you happen to love fibrous mascaras like our Defined Lashed. Image Via

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