Unburden Your Weekend Travel: The One Creative Bag To Use For A Spring Wedding Packing

WeddingclutchStowawayCosmeticsWhile it isn’t full on wedding season, we can feel it the spring weddings starting to sneak up on us! Between the right dress, accessories, all of the hair & makeup products required for a formal event and the logistics of it we know this is one of the most challenging weekend’s away. The biggest challenge? Figuring out what to put all of it in

The best tip we’ve seen in ages? Pack your dress in a classic military helmet bag. We know this sounds weird but guys have had it so easy just being able to toss their “one” nice outfit into a suit bag whereas women are left stressing over roller bags vs weekenders and what will keep the wrinkles out of our dress & hold the rest of our crap. We recently made the discovery that Helmet Bags solve ALL of this. Go check out this video seriously. 

$150 Flight 001 Helmet Bag GreyOur friends at Flight001 have a super versatile helmet bag that features expansive front pleats, an adjustable shoulder strap, durable handles, and two large front pockets with magnetic closure. You can carry it just like any purse.

The soft interior prevents wrinkles, the pockets make it easy to pack little items like earrings, clutches and makeup and the handles make it easy to carry on.

This bag may look more utilitarian than high glamor but we think that less stressful packing & travel means looking your most glamorous when you get there.

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