Unburden Your Weekend Travel: Make The Most Of Your Flight

They say the journey is as important as the destination right? Well that doesn’t mean the journey can’t be super comfortable and dare we say reinvigorating?  We’ve got plenty of travel product favorites we swear by to keep you rested, hydrated, organized and well if all else fails we know a great way to enjoy a stiff cocktail even in coach.


  1. Face Mask For Snoozing-Early morning flight to get to maximize your destination time? We love Flight 001’s sunny James eye mask as it will have you dreaming of exotic beach getaways from coach. A light-eliminating insert provides extra coverage across your nose bridge so you’ll arrive in your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go.Eyewear
  2. Keep Your Immune System Healthy- We love Olly travel gummies. They have cool varieties like Sleep & Energy and taste deliciousolly travel packs (1)
  3. Stay Hydrated Bkr water bottles are coveted beauty essentials for mobile women and a graceful solution to staying hydrated on the go. Plus you can get it through security empty and fill it once you are at the airport.
  4. Don’t Lose Anything– Put a Tile on your wallet and your passport. It tracks anything you plop it on just in case you leave something in say an overhead compartment or a seat holder.
  5. Did We Mention Don’t Lose Important Stuff?–  Maybe put your passport in a classy folder like Flight 001’s correspondent collection combines vintage charm with delicate details as precious as the travel items it holds.

Bkr Bottle Elle 250 ML (1)Tile PassportCase

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