3 Tips On How How To Cover A Blemish

Blemishes! Eep you can have them at any time no matter what your age. Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s hormone either way,  here is how you deal with covering it up.


  1. Try to match your concealer to your skin tone. Don’t go lighter or darker in an attempt to color correct. That’s too much rigmarole. Just make it easy and apply a concealer that is close to your color without the blemish.
  2. Match your concealer and BB cream or foundation to each other if you have blemish prone skin. Concealers that are a shade lighter or darker than your face shouldn’t be used on a blemish as it will only draw attention to it (though we do recommend a shade darker for under-eyes to help lighten up the darkness there which means some women will own two concealers).
  3. Pick a concealer that won’t sink into your blemish. It is often tempting to buy tacky concealers and spackle it in and “on” the blemish in an attempt to conceal, but it is best find something that something that floats to avoid that frustrating look of having a concealer sink in, cake, flake and then make it even more apparent as the day goes on.

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