The Ingredient That Helps You Preserve The Moisture You’ve Already Got

ChemicalFormulaHyaluronicAcidHyaluronic Acid otherwise known as sodium hyaluronate is a fluid that surrounds your joints (like say your knees). If you really like technical terms that is synovial fluid. Aging slows down the production of this acid, so you often see this in anti-aging treatments because your natural barrier function becomes impaired as millions of facial skin cells lose what is called turgor (aka they aren’t as plump or fill). That’s why it is even used as a filler for wrinkles (if you’ve heard of Restaylene that’s basically the main ingredient) but it can be applied topically as it really holds its weight in water. It is used in conjunction with a moisturizer (it isn’t a one itself, those are humectants) and works to help hydrate the skin because’ hyaluronic acid molecules’ attract and retain more than 1,000 times their weight in water. Damn right? That’s one of the reasons we use it in our BB Cream. Chances are you put on a moisturizer (often one with SPF in it) and would like your complexion products to help retain that moisture. Well, we’ve got your back. No fluffy bulsh*t ingredients in our products. Just ones that work.



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