The Outfit Loves Stowaway For Their Gym Bag

The Outfit knows the struggle is real when it comes to getting the list of everything you need into one gym bag.  They speak truth when they say you can hit full-on bag lady status FAST. That’s why they’ve fallen in love with Stowaway. 

“Luckily, someone out there seems to get it, because they went ahead and developed a genius solution to this every-girl problem. Stowaway allows you to select products in the colors and shades of your choice so you actually end up with makeup that makes you look like you. And while they might be perfectly sized for the gym, I’m thinking that I might need one in my work bag, too! I can always use a midday makeup touch-up and now I won’t have to choose between looking ragged or lugging my full-size products to the office. Talk about game-changing!”


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