One Easy Step To Start The Decluttering Process

ZesttEvoTrayStorageMakeupWe aren’t going to lie. Even though Julie has solved her clunky, expired makeup problem with Stowaway she still has scads of product lying around willy nilly in her bathroom and on the top of her armoire in the bedroom.  It is clutter city. Chances are you have similar piles of junk and clutter and are terrified of doing a full clean up. Because that is realistically a several hour investment and you’ve probably got other stuff to do just like us.

Julie isn’t ready for a full on “toss it” party as well some of those items still spark some joy , but it turns it isn’t actually that hard to take the first step in decluttering and organizing by putting favorite items in a beautiful tray. She’s fallen in love with Zestt Evo trays for just this reason. Their trays are built to last and can go from bright patterns to the perfect holiday accent in the blink of an eye. Grab one (or ten) and fill them with your favorite inserts to fit  your style. Or leave them blank if you go in for ultra-minimalist. Then Pick up your favorite items, put them in a clear tray (or add one of their super cool liners) and viola instantly things feel less cluttered.

Put a candle on the armoire and suddenly it looks like you’ve thought things out deliberately. And that took all of 10 minutes.





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