5 Easy Tips To Make Your Living Room More Comfortable

We’ve always found the term living room to be pretty funny. Half the time it is more of a combination of “dumping ground” for crap meets “zone of takeout and Netflix” with the occasional toy and kid cruft explosion if you happen to have little ones. That doesn’t sound so much like living as it does surviving to us.

Dwell Magzine says “a comfortable living space is about layers, creating conversational seating, and building a sensible room that’s both visually and functionally stimulating.” That sounds pretty complicated but honestly it isn’t that hard to make your living room more comfortable with just a few quick changes and additions.


  1. Get A Comfortable Throw For Your Couch: Even the drabbest Ikea couch can become a snuggly comfortable paradise with the right throw. They are a great finishing touch and encourage you to spend some downtime. We fell in love with Zestt’s Throws the moment we saw them. They are organic cotton and come in soothing colors that suit anyone’s apartment.
  2. Invest In Some Coasters: Your mom was probably right about this one as nothing says wear and tear on a coffee table like stains. But they can get grungy fast so we’ve taken to using Zestt’s washable cocktail napkins as substitutes-and not just because they match our throws- because of their ease and versatility. Why own more than you need right?
  3. Buy A Plant Or Two That Won’t Die: We have been major fans of The Sill since it launched (Julie and Chelsa love the founder Eliza) and really encourage you to give a plant a chance. They say indoor plants boost our mood and lessen the stress in our daily lives plus plus they filter toxins providing some much needed fresh air in small spaces.
  4. Organize Your Bric-a-Brac On A Gift Tray: We’ve already expressed our love for the decluttering power of trays but we can’t stress it enough how easy it is to make your living room feel more organized and comfortable when you’ve organized your “stuff” into a small space designed to make it look “in it’s place” like the Zesst Evo trays.
  5. Leave Out A Good Book: Once you’ve got the coach, throw, organized coffee table and plants stuff on lock the last step is leaving out a good book. You might find yourself reading. Or at least have something to keep your guests distracted while you deal with say putting frozen food in the oven for a “fancy” cocktail hour. Might we suggest Marie Kondo?


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