The Single Gals Guide To How To Pack Your Bag For A Long Day

Every had a day where you tried to “do it all” because we keep telling ourselves we can have it all? Yeah, we’ve been there. Trying to fit in a workout, a big internal presentation,  and a last minute date is no easy task. Neither is managing morning kid drop off,  a client off-site, a mentoring coffee with your protegee and picking up a healthy meal for the family on the way home.  But that is for another post. Here is our packing list for managing a day that seems impossible to get through with your dignity and mascara intact for the single girl.


Gym + Date + Big Day At The Office + Date Packing List

One option is to pack two bags. One of which is a chic but small gym bag you don’t mind carrying with you and the other is a sleek tote or purse with your other essentials. Or better yet do it one one sleek tote that has a built in bag for your shoes!

  1. Workout Gear That Takes Up Less Space: Leggings,  tank top, and ankle socks are best here
  2.  Foldable Smaller Gym Shoes: Shoes with thinner soles are the way to go here.
  3.  A Gym Bag With Compartments Go in search of the essential gym bag, complete with side pocket for shoes and compartments for everything else. It might not look like a traditional gym bag.
  4. Healthy Snack: Refuel after your workout. We love Chelsa’s favorite Chia bars
  5. Turn Around Your Look Fast Kit: Roller perfume or solid perform, small brush, dry shampoo, Invisibobble, an extra pair of underwear and of course Stowaway essentials.
  6. Water Bottle:  These Bkr Bottles are so cute and easy to carry.
  7. Wrinkle Proof Outfit: Something simple like a wrap dress that you can stuff into that gym locker, pull back out and feel great in.  Plus it is perfect for work or a date.
  8. Heels You Are Comfortable Wearing: Kitten heels aren’t for everyone but try to find something you can stand tall in even during a long day.


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