The Busy Executive Mother’s Guide To Packing For A Long Day

Every had a day where you tried to “do it all” because we keep telling ourselves we can have it all? Yeah, we’ve been there. Trying to fit in a workout, a big internal presentation,  and a last minute date is no easy task. We covered that mania in another post. You know what isn’t any easier? Managing morning kid drop off,  a client off-site, a mentoring coffee with your protegee and picking up a healthy meal for the family on the way home.  But that is for another post. Here is our packing list for managing a day that seems impossible to get through with your dignity and mascara intact for woman with every responsibility on her plate.


Kid Duty + Client Work Offsite + Mentee/Mentor Coffee+ Family Duties At Night

You are wearing a lot of hats on a day like this so the key is preparation. Being there for your family, showing your expertise and authority to your clients and providing insight and mentorship all bring out different facets of your life and personality. They key here is to pack a bag that helps you be comfortable doing all of them while still feeling like you

  1.  Laptop: Just make sure your bag has enough space to make it easy and comfortable to carry.
  2.  Makeup: It’s important to always look fresh-faced for presentations and meetings but you don’t want to lug around your entire makeup collection. That’s obviously where we at Stowaway come in.
  3.  Keys: Don’t laugh, we’ve all forgotten our keys on a busy day. Throw a Tile on them just in case you lose them. We promise it is a good idea. 
  4.  A See Through Wallet: Sometimes you just need to see what you are reaching for during a crazy day, it is one of the reasons we love the Clarity Clutch from Truffle so much
  5. Single Serve Snacks: For you, for your kids, for your mentee, maybe even for that grumpy old dude at your offsite. Take page from Chelsa’s playbook and try her Chia bars.
  6. Business cards: Makes you look serious in any context, plus a cool card case is always a crowd pleaser. Your clients want to know how to get a hold of you and so does your mentee.
  7. Flats or Loafers: Doing it all in heels may look cool but it doesn’t feel cool. Find a great pair of flats or loafers that look professional and let you move fast. You never know when a toddler or a client will decided to make a break for it (or the white board).
  8. Freshen Up Kit: Mints, gum, wet wipes (great for kids and makeup removals), floss, Tide to-go , etc. That client offsite might have a lunch with extra pepper and red onions Nothing worse than realizing part of your lunch is still in your mouth at your next meeting.
  9. Notepad and pen: It just can’t hurt to have on hand. 
  10. Charger: Because there’s nothing worse than your year-old cell phone dying in the middle of the day when you need to communicate with your kids, a spouse, a co-worker or a mentee that is running late.

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