Our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Chelsa Crowley’s Top 10 Bag Essetials

ChelsaCrowleysPackbackEvery woman has her arsenal of necessities and essentials that help her get through the day. Some of them weirder than others. These are our co-founder Chelsa Crowley’s must haves for her day to day bag.

I am a backpack person. There is something really simple about a backpack that makes getting through the day easier.

  1. My iPhone: I’m on the move a lot so my mobile is really important to me. I used to be an Android person (I was everyone’s favorite beta tester) but I moved to an iPhone last year. Our marketing director Kristen subsequently turned me onto Happy Plugs for my earbuds as they are so fun & playful with gorgeous Swedish design
  2. Hand Cream or Lotion. I usually keep some kind of location or cream for my hands in the bag. I like Aveda’s Hand Relief a lot.
  3. Lip Balm: Our lipsticks are super creamy but sometimes I like a base to keep moisturized. One day we will have one of our own but till then PawPaw is my go to. Great Australian product.
  4. My Wallet & All The Essentials In It: Like Julie I also  have my metro card, ID, insurance card, credit cards, cash and cash with me. I’m also a big international traveler so my Passport is always handy.
  5. Chia Bars: I LOVE these Health Warrior Chia Bars (I even turned Julie on to them) and definitely vouch for the Coconut ones as the best flavor
  6. Pen and Paper: I’m a big note taker and super organized so I tend to have something like this Poppin notebook and a good pen with me.
  7. Invisibobbles: These innovative hair ties are an obsession at our office. They have this unique telephone cord shape so people can easily avoid headaches and prevent split ends plus it never kinks your hair or leaves traces
  8. At least a few lipstick choices, a pot rouge, our Defined Mascara (love the fibers) & our creaseless concealer:  I tended to carry around a giant makeup bag in the past but I’ve really been able to streamline it recently and still feel like I have everything I need.
  9. Hairspray: I love hairspray! And I don’t care who knows. We included BlowPro Travel Hairsprays in our Birthday Bags because I just swear by having hairspray handy.
  10. A Water Bottle: I’m always dehydrated so I am never without my Brk Bottle. You can look forward to it being in one of our curated sets soon as they are just amazing. Clean, soft adorable, and always BPA-free, phthalate-free, adorable and really make drinking water addictive.

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