Our CEO Julie Fredrickson’s Top 10 Bag Essentials

Every woman has her arsenal of necessities and essentials that help her get through the day. Some of them weirder than others. These are our CEO and co-founder Julie Fredrickson’s must haves for her purse.

I am a tote person. I love both Truffle’s Tote (so sleek and simple) along with and Dagne Dover’s hyper organized pocket centric design. Though many days I find myself carrying my Mansur Gavriel Tote as it’s yellow lining and two different clutch sizes keep me organized and make it easy to find things that sink to the bottom. I’m never without these items.


  1. My laptop: I have a MacBook Air that is never ever without me. What can say I live to work?
  2. Aquaphor. I’m obsessed with this beauty basic. I’m really prone to dermatitis and have incredibly dry sensitive skin (it is one reason I’m super passionate about our ingredients at Stowaway as I react to everything) so having a thick salve for emergency skin anger is critical for me.
  3. Weleda Skin Food: For the reason reasons as above. You can’t really use Aquaphor on your face but Skin Food can go anywhere even your delicate eye area
  4. My Wallet & All The Essentials In It: I have a weird envelope Martin Margiela wallet that is falling apart but I refuse to replace it. In it I have my metro card, ID, insurance card, credit cards, cash (you’d be surprised how often it is handy to have a $20 bill on hand) and I usually try to have a business card on me.
  5. My iPhone: This one is a no brainer obviously but I live for my apps (I’m currently obsessed with micro-podcasting app Anchor.). Like Chelsa I love my Happy Plugs. So sleek!
  6. Snacks: I’ve got real blood sugar ups and downs so I always have something whether it is a piece of chocolate from Aloha, sliced fruit or even a Kind Bar (which is basically a candy bar and I don’t care
  7. Toothpicks, Dental Floss & Gum: Anyone that knows me knows I’m OBSESSED with dental hygiene. In an almost unhealthy way. One of my most disgusting habits that bothers both my fiancé and Chelsa is my tendency to leave toothpicks everywhere. Yes I know it’s gross but my gums are so healthy!
  8. Hair-ties: Sometimes I get sick of my hair (it is very long) and just need to get it up and out of the way
  9. Allergy Eyedrops & Tissues: Like I said I’ve got sensitive skin which is part of my overall sensitivity body situation. It just loooooves having allergies at the drop of a hat.
  10. At least a few lipstick choices, a pot rouge & our creaseless concealer: I used to lug around full size makeup items that really weighed me down as I tend to like to change my look through the day (or sometimes just do my makeup after I’ve already arrived at the office as I’m a get up and go kind of person) so I need a few options depending on my day. Thankfully our Stowaway lipsticks are so reasonably sized I can put off making a decision until I feel like it!
  11. Bonus item a Poppin pen: I’ve learned that being without a pen is a dangerous proposition (you never know when you need to get down some information ast).

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