The Best Eyeliner For Women Who Trave Is A Twist Up Gel Liner

HowBigIsAStowawayEyelinerEyeliners can be scary for some women but don’t fret. If you are nervous a gel eyeliner is A LOT easier than a liquid eyeliner for application. One  they don’t dry as fast so you have more time to blend (or erase and start over!). But when they are dry they’re waterproof.

Our right-sized gel liner is in a simple twist up making it the perfect accompaniment for a purse, travel bag or even in one of your work drawers for touch ups whenever.

Because you never know when you need to amp up your look for a meeting (look into my eyes and see how prepared I am!) or for a last minute hot date (look into my eyes and get lost). That’s why ours is half the size of a typical liner so you can toss it into even the smallest of bags.

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