5 Weird But Simple Tips Making It Easy To Carry A Wrislet or Clutch

  1. Take essentials like credit card, some cash, your ID & public transit cards out of your wallet & place it in a side pocket
  2. Carry a flat comb instead of brush for touch-ups. Try this classy Mason Pearson pocket comb. 
  3. Fresh breath a concern? Carry gum in individually wrapped pieces instead of packs of pop out chiclets
  4. Bring a couple of well folded tissues for touch ups, blotting, crying or whatever else comes out
  5. Consider taking your phone out of its protective case (just be care) but you’d be surprised how much space you save with that extra¬†quarter inch for flatter clutches

And bonus sanity tip. Just invest in a mobile charger for your mobile phone. Sure you could charge it up in an Uber but you never want to be stuck without juice right?



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