Beware The “Eyes” of March!

We are a strange and sometimes dorky bunch at Stowaway so we figured our customers (who are also interesting & incredibly intelligent women) might appreciate a “very punny” history joke about keeping your eyes open.  The Ides of March is a big day in history if you happen to appreciate the Roman Empire. No judgements if you don’t (half our team thinks this pun is a silly) but anyone can appreciate a good yarn.

EyesofMarchBlogBasically it boils down Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and his infamous murder at the hands of his close friend and confident Brutus in a foretold conspiracy by a seer  warning Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March” which happens to be March 15. It is a gripping yarn turned into a play by Shakespeare. But if history isn’t your thing  you can probably still appreciate why we think this is a hilarious pun for helping you keep your eyes wide open with great mascara! So hop on over to the site and get a free mascara with code EYESOFMARCH.  Plus it was an excuse to line up our faithful foot soldiers in a shot with Roman motif gold leaves.


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