You Really Like Us: Colleen McGinley Loves The Easy Application

We love what Chicago Public Schools teacher Colleen McGinley has to say about why she loves Stowaway.

“The lipstick colors are gorgeous, and last a long time. I like putting on the rouge, BB, and concealer without brushes. I especially like the mascara, as it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I like the size, as it fits in a clutch. I’ve already bought several products for my friends, sisters, and mom!”

But mostly we love to share the love. Colleen is a 3rd grade teacher in Chicago and her amazing scholars could use your help! Be gorgeous inside & out and consider contributing to her DonorsChoose campaign to help these incredible kids. Colleen tells us 100% of her students live below the poverty line and many of them live in proximity to violence and traumatic circumstances. But you can help them out so check out her work!


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