You Really Like Us: Shawna Leeann Nadelman Says Life Is Too Short To Lug A Ton of Makeup

Shawna is a San diego-based blogger & stylist with a simply yet elevated aesthetic that we totally dig.  On her site she says she is a firm believer that life’s too short to wear boring clothes but judging by this review of Stowaway she thinks it’s also too short to lug around a lot of expired heavy makeup too! You can check out the full review of our pot rouge, concealer and BB cream here. 


“So final verdict? i think i’m in love. as long as my skin continues to respond well to the formulas, i think i’m now a stowaway convert! next up on my stowaway wish list is a couple of their creme lipsticks. if the easter bunny is reading this, i love the champagne, peony, and scarlet shades.”


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